Super Junior’s “Devil” special album filled with collaboration with top artists!

More exciting news regarding the release of Super Junior‘s 10th anniversary special album Devil has been shared!

It’s quite evident that Super Junior has given an extra oompf of work for this album as it marks their decade long career and togetherness with fans.

Set to be released on July 16th, it has been confirmed that top Korean artists such as Lee Seung Hwan, Jaurim‘s Kim Yoon Ah, Rose Motel, and Epitone Project have put a hand into the tracks of the Devil special album, mixing their own mature and personalities with that of the Super Junior members.

Korea’s representative singer-songwriter and producer Lee Seung Hwan has written an emotional rock ballad track “We Can” for Super Junior-K.R.Y. It is said to depict the 10 year friendship of Super Junior and their determination for the future.

Indie rock band Rose Motel collaborates on the song “Love At First Sight” and it is said to be filled with humorous lyrics and will highlight the with that is Super Junior-T. The lyrics portray what happens to an individual when they come across a girl by chance and fall in love at first sight.

From the popular modern rock bank Jaurim is Kim Yoon Ah who creates “Rock’n Shine,” a hard rock and blues mixed track. It contains positive lyrics that is identified with Super Junior’s well-known and bright energy. It sings that you tells listeners you have the courage to go out into the world simply through love and music.

Finally, Epitone Project writes “A Star Appears” and is a song that describes the overwhelming feelings Super Junior emits in their hearts when they look back on the 10 years with the people who have been with them all this time.

Super Junior will have their first broadcasted comeback stage on July 16th via Mnet M! Countdown, KBS Music Bank on the 17th, MBC Music Core on the 18th, and SBS Inkigayo on the 19th.

Source: The Star Chosun