Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk’s “The Beat Goes On” sweeps music charts across Asia

Following the release of their first studio album The Beat Goes On on March 9th, Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk reaches impressive chart rankings after taking the top spot in various music charts in South Korea and the rest of Asia. 

The Beat Goes On was released in eight countries in Asia, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand through iTunes on March 9th. The album was ranked first place in all eight countries under “Pop Albums” and “Asia Regional Rankings”.

Donghae first participated in writing the song “Growing Pains” and “Mother.” Along with Eunhyuk, the two has recorded a colorful mix of seven songs for the album. In particular, its title track, “Growing Pains,” has garnered much attention, not only being well received by fans from around the world, but also ranking number one on China’s Baidu and KING weekly rankings for the sales between March 2nd and 8th.

The music video for the song has also ranked number one on Chinese video site iQiYi and music site YinYueTai weekly rankings.

“Growing Pains” has also reached first place in Korea, sparking a high interest among local fans.

Meanwhile, just last week, the sub-unit appeared on KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo performing their title track “Growing Pains” as well as “The Beat Goes On.” Despite being two contrasting genres, the duo showed a wonderful performance to fans which featured many elegant hand gestures in the dance along with their stage charisma, allowing the audience to enjoy the duo’s quirky charm.

The duo plans on continuing promotions for “Growing Pains” and have recently explained the reason behind their formation of this unit and commented on their fellow members Sungmin and Shindong‘s  military enlistment.

Source: ETO