Super Junior’s Kangin Will Face More Interrogation If Police Discover Contradicting Statements With Witnesses

Super Junior’s Kangin may be in for more interrogations if investigators find more inconsistencies on the night of his hit-and-run incidence. 

On May 25th, Seoul Gangnam Police Station revealed that at the time of Kangin’s incident, his alcohol blood level was 0.157%. As the figure is well above the limit to cancel the licence, they have opened the possibility that the actual level may be different from his actual statement.

The investigators are planning to find out just how much alcohol Kangin consumed at that night and the amount of time he had been consuming it with his acquaintances. To confirm the story, the aim to interview his acquaintances and also the restaurant employees.

If ever the accounts of his friends and the employees clash with Kangin’s statement, the investigators may be able to summon him for more investigation.

Since the incident, Kangin has been on hiatus from all of his commitments and has received outburst from fans calling for his resignation.

Source: Dispatch