Baekhyun Never Answers Shindong’s Calls Anymore, And It’s All Because Of This

On February 7, Super Junior‘s Shindong revealed on MBC‘s Video Star why he and EXO Baekhyun grew apart .

On this particular episode, Kim Sook jokingly revealed she heard Shindong and Baekhyun were not as close as they once were, and asked Shindong to elaborate on what happened and why it came to this point.

Shindong revealed that they grew apart after they played a game together:

“I played a game with Baekhyun, and if we lose in that game, your level goes down. So I warned Baekhyun, ‘I’m not good at this game. What if you lose [because of me]?’ He assured me saying, ‘Hyung, it’s only a game. I don’t play games as if my life is on the line.’


So I put my headset on and started playing. We lost in the first game, but Baekhyun encouraged me and said, ‘We lost by a hair. We’ll just do better next time!’

Then we lost the second game, and all I could hear on Baekhyun’s end was his fingers typing on the keyboard furiously. Whenever Baekhyun’s character died in the game and all I could hear loud banging sounds through my headphones.

– Super Junior Shindong

Jokingly Shindong added that the chain of losses they went through that they may have put a rift a between him and Baekhyun.

I called out for Baekhyun, but he didn’t respond. Ever since then he never responds when I call him.”

– Super Junior Shindong

Most fans who heard this story found it amusing because Baekhyun is renowned for his love of League of Legends and was even on S.M. Super Celeb League very often.

Source: My Daily