Wife Of Superintendent Yoon Confirms She Received K-Pop Tickets From Choi Jonghoon

Other statements, however, didn’t correspond.

The wife of Superintendent Yoon, or the “police chief” in the Seungri Scandal, has confirmed that she received K-Pop concert tickets from Choi Jonghoon.

On March 24, the investigation team of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated that Superintendent Yoon’s wife admitted she received tickets from Choi Jonghoon but denied playing golf with him.

(Superintendent Kim, wife of Superintendent Yoon) denied the fact that she played golf (with Choi) through an e-mail response but admitted the fact that she received K-Pop concert tickets (from Choi). We are currently investigating on her denial in relation to golf and the route of how she received the tickets.

ㅡ Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency


Previously, Yoo In Suk and Choi Jonghoon stated that they played golf with Superintendent Yoon and Kim, and that Choi Jonghoon gave Superintendent Kim K-Pop concert tickets as a gift.

Superintendent Kim is currently serving as an executive police officer as a resident officer of Malaysia and therefore, numerous procedures must be taken to call her back to Korea and begin investigations.

We are currently negotiating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a direct investigation.

ㅡ Investigation team


Meanwhile, the investigation team summoned Superintendent Yoon on March 1 as a suspect and questioned him for 13 hours until 1 am the following day. On March 18, he was charged for looking into the investigations regarding the Food Sanitation Act for Monkey Museum, which Seungri and Yoo In Suk opened in 2016.

It was revealed through the police investigations that Superintendent Yoon found out if inspection reports were filed and if the business was applicable for inspections through his junior staff at the time Monkey Museum was being inspected.

Source: News1

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