Heechul Apologizes To Min Kyung Hoon For His Dating Rumor With TWICE’s Momo

Heechul was sorry for breaking his heart!

Since the dating rumor between Super Junior‘s Heechul and TWICE‘s Momo broke, and both parties’ agencies denied, Heechul hasn’t said much…

… until he appeared on the latest episode of Knowing Bros and playfully apologized to Min Kyung Hoon – a.k.a Heechul’s Soulmate – for breaking his heart.


When Heechul’s seat was found empty at the start of the show, his fellow Knowing Bros hosts were confused. Some even guessed he might not show up because of the rumor…


… but Heechul soon came hopping through the door, dancing to TWICE’s “Dance The Night Away”. He was extra cheerful, to keep the mood light despite the dating scandal, and the hosts played along.


Min Kyung Hoon, whose role in Heechul and his “Sweet Dream” music video was actually in love with Heechul, commented that he was disappointed after hearing the news.


The “Heechul + Min Kyung Hoon” joke has been on-going for a while on Knowing Bros and the two of them have become somewhat of a symbolic “couple”.

I was kind of disappointed at Heechul. You really shouldn’t do that to me, you jerk!

— Min Kyung Hoon


Heechul admitted he couldn’t quite look at Min Kyung Hoon in the eyes!


The two bickered over how Heechul could have broken Min Kyung Hoon’s heart so badly…


… until Heechul took Min Kyung Hoon’s hand and confessed his love for the two of them.

Min Kyung Hoon: It’s not real, right?
Heechul: Of course not. I love you the most.


While the rest of the show hosts got a good laugh from Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon being extra dramatic about the news of Heechul’s dating news, Heechul promised that if anything serious does ever happen to his love life, he’ll let Min Kyung Hoon know first.

If I ever do end up seeing someone in the future, you’re going to be the first person to know. Okay?

— Heechul


Looks like Min Kyung Hoon’s going to an insider on Heechul’s dating life!

Watch the hilarious Heechul X Min Kyung Hoon moment here:

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