Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Gets Honest About Why He Left SM Entertainment For Antenna

He had his reasons.

Earlier in August, it was announced that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun officially signed with Antenna after leaving SM Entertainment. Recently, Kyuhyun revealed the reason for changing agencies.

Kyuhyun | SM Entertainment

On November 3, Kyuhyun appeared on comedian Park Myung Soo’s YouTube channel Halmyungsoo. He and the other guest, Defconn, spoke with Park Myung Soo about dating and reality dating shows, as Kyuhyun and Defconn were both panelists on the popular Korean reality dating shows Single’s Inferno and I Am Solo, respectively.

Park Myung Soo, Defconn, and Kyuhyun (left to right) | Halmyungsoo/YouTube

During the episode, Defconn asked Kyuhyun why he decided to change his agency to Antenna. He jokingly added that SM Entertainment officials might be watching the video.

Surprised by the unexpected question, Kyuhyun joked, “You want me to explain that on ‘Halmyungsoo’?”


Then he gave his honest answer and emphasized that he is still signed with SM Entertainment for Super Junior activities.

I moved [agencies] to challenge myself musically. I also signed a separate contract with Super Junior, so there won’t be many changes.

— Kyuhyun


Hearing this, Park Myung Soo asked Defconn why he hadn’t joined an agency. Originally a rapper, Defconn replied that he is currently looking into agencies. Kyuhyun then asked if he would consider an agency like AOMG, but Defconn said he preferred another company.

Not AOMG. They’re young. I want a company for TV personalities. I like companies with a lot of money… I wish HYBE would start an agency for TV personalities.

— Defconn


Defconn made everyone laugh that not even small companies have approached him yet.

With Kyuhyun’s ambition to try new challenges in music, fans are excited to see new sides of him through his time in Antenna.

Watch the full Halmyungsoo interview here.

Source: Halmyungsoo/YouTube and Xsports News

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