Fans Celebrate SuperM’s First Anniversary On Twitter By Trending #1stYearWithSuperM, And Things Got Emotional

Happy first anniversary, SuperM!

It’s been a busy and exciting couple of months for SuperM! They kicked off their 2020 comeback on August 13 with the release of their song “100”, followed by their second single, “Tiger Inside”, on August 31.

Then, most recently, they dropped their first full-length studio album, Super One, on September 25, along with the music video for “One (Monster & Infinity)”.

Now, on October 4, the group is celebrating their first year anniversary since debut!


The group debuted last year with the song “Jopping”, along with their first self-titled mini-album. They sold an impressive number of copies for it being their debut album, and SuperM did very well on various worldwide charts, likely due to their heavy international promotions and marketing.

Fans are now celebrating the group’s 1st anniversary by trending various hashtags on Twitter, including #1stYearWithSuperM, #케이팝_어벤져스_슈퍼엠_돌잔치, and of course, just #SuperM.

They will forever be grateful for SM Entertainment putting together the 7 talented members from 4 different groups, in order to make such a successful and loveable arrangement.

Some fans got emotional talking about how much the group means to them!

Others discussed certain members, and how much they’ve enjoyed seeing their favorite idols grow and develop in the last year.

Here’s to many more great years with the Avengers of K-Pop!