SuperM’s Mark Couldn’t Believe Kai’s Hilariously Incorrect Answers To The “Mark Exam”

He said Mark is 187cm tall!

SuperM may have large age gaps between the members, but they’re still good friends! They got to know each other better through their promotions as a group beginning in 2019.

Their closeness was highlighted in a Midterm Exam video featuring Mark and Baekhyun as the test subjects. The members were tasked to guess simple facts about the two including their birthdays and favorite colors.

Though some people like Taeyong and Baekhyun got consecutively correct answers when it came to Mark’s exam…

…others like Kai were just a little bit off. When asked to write down Mark’s height, for instance, he answered an unprecedented 187cm (6 ft. 1 in.).

He also got it wrong when he said “mounting climbing” instead of “playing the guitar” as Mark’s favorite hobby. Kai couldn’t help but make excuses as he indignantly yelled, “But you told me your hobby was mounting climbing!”

EXO‘s main dancer got it wrong yet again when he claimed Mark’s favorite food was specifically steamed rice wrapped with a lotus leaf. Mark could only laugh in amusement and say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The only time Kai was mildly upset about the whole situation was when Mark confirmed that his role model was Justin Bieber and not, in fact, himself.

You told me [your role model] was me. You whispered that your role model is me!

— Kai

At one point, Mark could only tell his senior, “Kai, you got everything wrong!”

Catch more of the SuperM’s antics in the full video below.