SuperM Opens Up About Finding Success On Their Own Terms And More In Recent Interview

“SuperM is here to level up the K-pop genre.”

SuperM recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone!


The interview encompassed a wide range of subjects, but highlighted, in particular, how the members felt breaking into a market where other styles of music from groups like BTS and BLACKPINK were more well-known and loved.



Taemin admitted that although there is competition, they’d rather find success on their own terms, by creating a new and fresh wave in the K-Pop scene.


Yes, the competition exists and we can’t ignore that, but we don’t want to step on other groups to get to the top. We want to stand alone as a group and bring something fresh and new to this K-Pop scene.


They further stated that SuperM will attempt to turn the tide by experimenting with many different genres, and later maybe release more English language tracks…a language at which they’ve been working hard at!




SuperM is also excited to grow— as a group, as artists and as individuals. 

Kai opened up about the prospects of growth this new project could bring, stating:

If I said I didn’t feel any pressure that would be a lie. We all come from successful, established careers, but in a way, we are still unknowns, at least when it comes to this formation. But with that pressure comes this new level of excitement, because there’s so much more we can try and do, and the possibilities are endless.


Taeyong chimed in, and said that while there are a lot of groups and the competition is fierce, he doesn’t necessarily view it as a bad thing— their goal is make K-Pop shine brighter, and competition can help motivate them to put out better things!


Kai finally closes the interview with this epic line:

SuperM is here to level up the K-pop genre. We are ready for K-pop to start raising the bar.