SuperM’s Taemin Opens Up About His Wrist Injury And Reveals More Plans For His Solo Albums And SuperM’s

Taemin won’t let an injury slow him down.

SHINee‘s Taemin, who’s currently promoting with the project group SuperM, has reassured fans about his latest wrist injury during their comeback live interview.

SuperM held a “SuperM 100 COUNTDOWN LIVE” on YouTube where they opened up about their latest comeback and the episodes behind it. Taemin had suffered a fracture on his right wrist during choreography practice early last month.

But Taemin reassured the fans that he’s healed well.

I had unfortunately been injuryed but I’ve safely recovered.

— Taemin

You’d think an injury would slow down a person, but Taemin spent the time preparing on his solo album! He had recently released his single “2 KIDS” just a week ago but he’s already busy promoting with SuperM!

And Taemin surprised his fans by revealing that he also has 2 other albums set to drop and SuperM will also have another album after “100”!

I had prepared my solo album in between as well. The prologue was released and I believe I will have two other albums that will soon follow.

Another album for SuperM will also release after ‘100’. I believe I’ll be able to be closer with the fans with all of these promotions.

— Taemin

Even the SuperM member were amazed by Taemin’s work ethic as Baekhyun commented, “Taemin works very hard.” Mark also revealed, “While we were resting after the end of our tour, he went to shoot another project.

It appears Taemin has a lot in store for the rest of 2020, but hopefully this king will find time to rest after working so hard for his fans!

Check out SuperM’s “100” below!