SuperM’s Taeyong Slays The Fashion Game In Pink Heels

He can make anything look good.

SuperM‘s Taeyong is known for taking any piece of fashion and making it look utterly stylish, like this lace crop top he pulled off effortlessly.

Taeyong | @lefraisier0701/Twitter

This time, Taeyong impressed fans with a pair of heels during the group’s recent Prudential x SuperM online fan meeting.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Taeyong wore a loose shirt, decorated jeans, and a pair of eye-catching pink boots for one of the stages. NCTzens didn’t miss the heeled boots and praised the idol for rocking the footwear.

| @ltyfairy/Twitter

The heels suited Taeyong so well that they were perfect for a group picture. Ten even rocked a low heel as well. This wasn’t the first time Taeyong pulled off heels, either.

For french luxury brand CELINE, Taeyong rocked a pair of higher-heeled boots for their male summer 2022 line.

| @taeoxo_nct/Instagram

Taeyong never fails to break all the gender norms to serve all the looks.