SuperM Tease Their New Single “We DO” For Their Wellness Campaign With Prudential Corporation Asia

“Something super is coming!”

Recently, Prudential Corporation Asia announced that they were launching a collaboration with SuperM. Together, they will be doing a health and wellness campaign titled “We DO Well Together” with the intention to encourage “people across Asia to stay well and healthy, and have fun doing it.” 

Prudential is proud to be the first regional life insurer to partner with a K-Pop group. The corporation’s chief executive Nic Nacandrou briefly shared how the collaboration came to be.

Prudential and SuperM share a common goal. We want to promote the importance of staying fit and healthy, especially during these times. Together, we want to motivate people to attain wellness in a positive, proactive and fun way.

— Prudential Corporation Asia Chief Executive Nic Nicandrou

SuperM released a statement, explaining the importance of the campaign. Due to the challenges people face globally from the pandemic, they are hoping to overcome the darkness with their positivity.

As the world experiences challenging times due to the pandemic, it is our ambition to spread positive energy and help as many people as possible to achieve not just good physical health, but mental wellbeing as well. We share a common mission with Prudential to help improve people’s wellness and drive optimism in good and bad times. Through ‘We DO Well Together,’ we call on everybody to put in the same energy and spirit as ‘We DO’ to achieve our life goals together.

— SuperM

On March 25, SuperM released their solo teaser images for the campaign’s single “We DO.” The single will be their first music release of 2021.

Baekhyun | @PrudentialSg/Twitter
Kai | @PrudentialSg/Twitter
Lucas | @PrudentialSg/Twitter
Mark | @PrudentialSg/Twitter
Taeyong | @PrudentialSg/Twitter
Taemin | @PrudentialSg/Twitter
Ten | @PrudentialSg/Twitter

Today, SuperM released a teaser video as well, unveiling their new single, “We DO.” Within just a few seconds, it cheers you up with a colorful and upbeat concept!

Prudential has been sharing their own teasers on their various social media accounts, including a shot of Taemin and Mark. How cute!

It also turns out that Taeyong had been teasing SuperM’s Prudential campaign long before everyone else! On Instagram, he uploaded a series of photos of himself at the location for the “we DO” music video.

Prudential and SuperM are planning to host a series of events throughout the year with the common goal of motivating health and wellness. The music video for “we DO” is scheduled to be released on April 4.

Source: Prudential and SuperM


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