SuperM’s Ten Reveals His First Tattoo And Possibly A Second

One is real, but the other one…

Following the reveals of Taeyong‘s tattoos, some real and some for aesthetic, SuperM‘s Ten seems to be the next member who’s been inked.

During their We Are The Future stop in London, England, fans noticed there was something on his right arm when he’d changed into a t-shirt.

In a close-up, it appeared Ten had a beautifully designed tattoo on his forearm, most likely drawn by himself since it resembles his art style. So far, no one has been able to get a full-on, clear photo of it.

Fans are nearly certain that it’s real, though. Although no one had noticed at the time, fans ended up snapping photos of it during the concert in Paris, France, through the see-through sleeve of his white shirt.

Additionally, Ten had apparently talked about learning the art of tattoos during a fan signing event, pointing out how he’d wanted one on the inside of his arm. For the second tattoo, fans weren’t as sure.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed a hint of a tattoo on the left side of Ten’s chest, while his shirt had gaped open.

No one knows if it’s real or what the whole tattoo looks like, other than the dark, sharp lines seen through his shirt.

With Taeyong and Ten now having tattoos, there may be other members soon joining in.