SuperM Reveals Their Ultimate Goal As A Team And It’s Not What You’d Expect

Fans are getting busy trying to get it done!

SuperM held an interview during their visit to New York City, where they held a concert at the famous Madison Square Garden.


As SuperM is selling out concerts all over the world, the interviewer asked what was the ultimate goal for the group. Baekhyun humbly revealed that they hope they’ll be able to perform at the Super Bowl one day.

I’m not sure if it can actually come true, but I wonder what it would be like to be the first [K-Pop artists] to perform at the Super Bowl.

— Baekhyun


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest televised program in the US, where nearly 100 million viewers tune in to the show. Only the more legendary musicians get to perform for the half time, such as Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, and more.


Although Baekhyun phrased it as a dream, considering how successful SuperM’s debut has been so far, it may not be too farfetched of an idea!

They made history by becoming the first K-Pop group to hit #1 on Billboard’s 200 Albums Chart right at their debut! And they continue to rank high on charts all over the world.


Baekhyun revealed that the secret to their success was the great synergy each member was able to bring to the table after promoting with their own teams.

We each gained a lot of experience while promoting with our individual teams for a long time. I think we were able to achieve these results thanks to the massive synergy from coming together.

— Baekhyun


These Kings of K-Pop have a long journey ahead of them and their fans are right by their side to make all of their dreams come true! Check out SuperM’s historical debut with “Jopping”!

Source: Newsen