“Superman Returns” Choo Sarang Is All Grown Up With Her Model-Like Proportions

Like mother, like daughter.

Recently, an update on the nation’s favorite child revealed that she is taking model classes and impressed the public with her modelesque figure.

Choo Sarang | @choosarang_official/Instagram

In an episode of KBS2’s Boss in the Mirror, mixed martial artist and TV personality Choo Sung Hoon (also known by his Japanese name Yoshihiro Akiyama) appeared as a guest and revealed how he has been doing. He shared an update on how his superstar daughter, Choo Sarang, is doing.

Choo Sung Hoon | KBS2

Choo Sarang rose to fame as a regular on KBS2’s Superman Returns with her father from 2013 to 2016. The public loved her adorable and energetic personality and watched her grow up.

Sarang as a baby in “Superman Returns ” | KBS2

Now, as an eleven-year-old, Sarang exuded a more mature image and had grown a lot taller.


In the episode of Boss in the Mirror, it was revealed that Sarang was taking modeling classes. Like her mother, the famous Japanese model Shiho Yano, Sarang showed off a modelesque figure and professional walk.


The show’s panelists who watched Sarang do her model walk were impressed with the charisma in her eyes.


Sarang revealed that she takes classes in walking, dance, acting, and model theory for her four-week summer program.

When asked who she thinks she looks like between her mother and father, Sarang replied, “My mom.”

Sarang (left) and her mom Shiho Yano (right) | @shiho_style/Instagram

Sarang’s current measurements revealed that she is indeed following in her mother’s footsteps as a model. Sarang was 154 cm tall and weighed 34 kg. The teacher noted that while her height was in the average zone, her weight was below average.


Her arm length was 53 cm, and her legs were 100 cm, impressing the panelists.

What shocked viewers was that only three months ago, Sarang was 147 cm tall, which meant she grew 7 cm in a short amount of time.


However, Sarang isn’t just good at modeling. In previous shows and on her social media, Sarang was seen taking boxing classes—showing her athletic abilities, and taking after her father.

Seeing that Sarang is both interested and talented in modeling and exercise, it appears that Sarang may follow in both of her parents’ footsteps!



Source: KBS2

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