“Superman Returns” Halts Filming After 5 Staff Members Injured In Car Crash

Scheduled filming have been cancelled.

Five staff members from KBS’s Superman Returns were reported to be involved in a car crash, where their van collided with a dump truck on the highway.

According to the police, the staff members were rushing towards Tongyeong (near Busan). The driver sped down an uphill highway when they collided with a dump truck that had its emergency lights on. The staff members on board were taken to the hospital after they suffered injuries from the crash.

“The worst injury sustained were lacerations on the head and hip pains. The rest were minor injuries.”

— Fire Department

Superman Returns decided to cancel their film schedule as the staff members received treatment from the hospital. They have yet to announce what filming was involved and if they plan to resume at a later date.

“The staff members who were traveling in the van are currently being treated at a hospital. The scheduled filming was cancelled, and the staff will return to Seoul after they are discharged.”

— Superman Returns

No celebrities were on board the van at the time of the accident.

Source: ISPLUS and News1