SuperM’s “Jopping” Trends Worldwide As Soon As It Drops

There were high expectations— and SuperM delivered!

SM Entertainment‘s “Avengers of K-Pop” boygroup SuperM has finally made their debut!

On October 4, the much anticipated new group dropped their first mini album, “SuperM” and their MV for title track “Jopping”. The name “Jopping” is a portmanteau of the words “jumping” and “popping”, and the track boasts an electro-pop genre with a hard-hitting,  energetic sound. The song is said to showcase all the various talents of the members to the fullest, and incorporates all their various charms as well.



Upon the release of the track, the hashtag #SuperM_Jopping began trending worldwide, and within a half hour, took over the number one spot of Worldwide Trends on Twitter.



Congratulations, SuperM!