“SuperStar ATEEZ” Rhythm Game Is Officially Confirmed And ATINYs Are Freaking Out


Over the past few days, there has been much speculation about which K-Pop group is next in line to get their very own SuperStar game. However, all of the rumors were finally put to rest on August 4 when it was finally announced that the brand new ‘SuperStar’ will be ATEEZ!

According to the SuperStar Globalย official account, the website will open at 12:00PM KST on August 5, the same time the pre-registration form goes live.

Additionally, the previously private @SuperStarATEEZ Twitter profile is up and running, completely decked out with ATEEZ logos on the banner and profile picture!

| @SuperStarATEEZ/Twitter

Plus, some friends over at YG and Starship also happened to pay a visit!

| @SuperStarATEEZ/Twitter

Fans are already starting to celebrate, expressing their excitement for the brand new ATEEZ content they will get to enjoy!

And a few ATINYs who have previous experience from other SuperStar Global releases are already preparing their fingers and phone storages!

Are you excited for the SuperStar ATEEZ game?