The Surprising Reason Why BTS’s RM Feels “Indebted” To The Members

We’re sure they don’t mind helping him out!

BTS’s RM is a great leader and is always there for his members, but he feels indebted to them when it comes to one thing in particular.

BTS’s RM | @bangtan.official/Facebook

On the latest episode of BTS In the SOOP 2, RM woke up and headed to the main house to see what everyone was up to. When he walked in, he saw Jin in the living room playing a video game. As soon as he walked in, he considerately asked Jin if he had eaten breakfast yet.

| BTS/Weverse

Jin told RM that he had eaten. He had made a bowl of yeolmu bibimbap before RM woke up, but he didn’t finish eating it.

Jin generously offered RM the last of his breakfast, and RM accepted it gratefully.

As RM walked away with the bibimbap, the show cut to an interview he had with the In the SOOP crew. During the interview, he said that he’s “always indebted to the members when it comes to food.”

He explained that he’s grateful to the members for cooking and sharing their food with him. He said he has tried to cook at home “many times,” so he knew how stressful cooking could be.

RM thought that his food tasted bad every time he tried to cook. He said, “The money it costs to buy the ingredients, the time it takes to prepare and clean up, the effort that goes in, and the resulting stress, and…Most importantly, the taste.”

RM revealed that he eventually decided cooking simply wasn’t for him. He told himself, “Let’s just not even try to cook.” 

Although RM does not cook for the members, he is always down to lend a helping hand by doing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen after they eat!