[★TRENDING] JYP Entertainment’s girl group survival show is in the works

According to a report by MBN, JYP Entertainment is planning on debuting a new girl group through a survival show that will begin airing in April.

Survival shows have become all the rage in creating hype and establishing a fan base for upcoming K-pop groups in order to ensure a dynamic debut in the saturated music market. Starship Entertainment’s NO.MERCY recently aired its last episode with its group Monsta X set to debut later this year. YG Entertainment, famous for its survival shows, has created iKON and WINNER from Win: Who is Next? and their sunbaes, international sensation BIGBANG, were also formed from a survival show prior to their 2006 debut. VIXX was also created from a survival show, MyDOL.

Meanwhile, MBN’s reports state that the show is currently set to premiere in April where a group of female JYP Entertainment trainees will engage in a series of competitions to determine who will become part of 6Mix. This will be the company’s first girl group since miss A‘s debut in 2010 so anticipation for this upcoming girl group is high.

However, a JYP Entertainment representative told Newsen that the plans have not yet been finalized and that they are currently in talks with Mnet for a survival show. The representative continued saying, “We have been preparing for the debut of a new girl group since last year and believe that the debut will come later this year although nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Rumors of a possible debut by 6Mix have been floating around since early 2014 which made this a significant announcement as fans quickly responded to the idea of another survival show. While some expressed their anticipation for the group, others were quick to bring up the tentative debut date of JYP Entertainment’s other rumored group 5Live.

Source: MBN and Newsen