A Suspect From The Denis Ten Murder Case Has Been Arrested

The man has pleaded guilty and is currently held in detention.

It has been reported that a suspect of the Denis Ten murder case has been arrested.


According to a Kazakhstani media outlet, the suspect identified as Nuraly Kyasov, who is from the southern Zhambyl Region, has pleaded guilty and has been placed in custody.

Information about Nuraly Kiyasov other than the year of his birth (1994) has not been disclosed.


Denis Ten, an Olympic figure skating medallist, was murdered at 3 pm on July 19th while trying to stop two men from stealing mirrors from his car.

He was stabbed by the two men and was rushed to the hospital within 23 minutes but suffered approximately 3 liters of blood loss in the process, which ultimately led to his passing.


The assistant director of the hospital, which Ten was admitted to, revealed the cause of his death.

“The stab in the upper right third rib was deep and despite various emergency measures, (Ten) eventually passed.” ㅡ Assistant Director


Investigations are expected to continue as the remaining suspect is yet to be detained.

Source: Kookje News