Suzy Stuns With Her Bare Face And Live Vocals In Recent Video

Suzy never stops being gorgeous!

Suzy is a natural, talented beauty in her recent vlog!

| @skuukzky/ Instagram

As Suzy has been focusing on acting for the last few years, fans have missed seeing her sing and dance, and also miss her music!

But now, to celebrate her 10th anniversary since debut, Suzy announced that she will be holding a special concert named Suzy: A Tempo, where she will be performing her songs, as well as covers!

As she prepares for her concert, Suzy uploaded a vlog of her practicing her guitar skills, entrancing fans with her lovely vocals and bare-faced glory!

As she played the guitar, she then revealed that she almost gave up on the guitar several times, and why she ultimately decided to continue with it!

Previously, I started to play the guitar several times. But I gave up because my fingers got hurt. So I thought, it isn’t my way. But now, I started with a song I like…started with an easy one, and did little by little. One day, I could play a little bit. From then on, I started to be interested in it.


She then cutely expressed her affection for electric guitars!

The electric guitar gives something like…I think it’s kind of sexy.


You can watch Suzy play guitar here!

Are you looking forward to her upcoming concert?