Suzy Decides To Go Bare Faced And Natural For Her First Appearance Of The Year

She’s a natural beauty!

Suzy started 2018 strong and confident by going completely bare-faced at the Incheon Airport. This was her first public appearance for 2018, and she chose to go natural her first look-of-the-year.

Her outfit was simple as it consisted of a black beanie, light blue jeans, long black coat, complemented by her ivory-colored sneakers. Her Dior purse, which was almost certainly meant to be a statement piece next to her simple outfit, ended up playing second-fiddle to her unbelievable natural beauty.

Suzy rang in the new year with a new sense of style: simple yet beautiful!

Fans reacted positively to Suzy’s natural look as they were amazed by her beauty!

Source: MLB Park and The qoo