Suzy Buys 3.7 Billion Won Building In Gangnam

22-year old miss A member Suzy has officially purchased her first building in the most-exclusive Seoul neighborhood, Gangnam.

According to a report by Sports Seoul, Suzy bought a building in Gangnam originally built in 2012 on April 27th for three billion won, or approximately $3.7 million USD. It includes a two-level basement and five-floors above ground. It is additionally revealed that she also took out a loan of 1.7 billion won in her legal name of Bae Su Ji.

The first and second floor have been turned into studios, the third floor as a commercial facility, and the fourth as individual studios, the total monthly rental comes to 15 million won, or nearly $13,000 USD a month. Given its prime location, Suzy is set to earn a return of 5.6% annual rate.

Debuting as part of miss A in 2010, Suzy has quickly rose through popularity and earned the nickname of the Nation’s First Love. At a mere 20-years old, Suzy brought in many ad deals earning the nickname as the “100 million dollar girl.”

Meanwhile on June 6th, Suzy’s first televised drama in two years will premiere. She features in the KBS2 drama Uncontrollably Fond alongside actor Kim Woo Bin.

Source: Sports Seoul