Suzy Reveals How Much She’s Changed Since Her Debut 10 Years Ago

Her outlook on life has completely changed.

Suzy Bae was the cover girl for ELLE Korea’s August edition, and she opened up in an interview about celebrating her 10th anniversary and how she’s changed since her debut.

Looking back on the past decade, Suzy had simple yet hard-earned words for herself. When she considers how much her fans have grown with her, she can’t help but realize that she’s only come this far because she truly enjoys her work and her fans.

‘You held on well, you worked hard, it’s already been 10 years’… that’s about it.

If I think about it, my young fans who’ve been with me since my debut are grown ups now so you can say it’s been a long time. I’ve only been able to continue for 10 years because it’s something that I enjoy.

— Suzy

She confessed that her outlook on life have changed within the past decade. Back then, she didn’t feel like she only lived life once, but now she feels more determined to live life to the fullest while embracing its limitations.

Back then, I wasn’t able to actually feel like you only live once. It felt like I’d be able to live life again.

But starting from this year, I’ve felt that life is limited. I feel more affectionate towards everything and I’ve become more decisive in certain aspects.

— Suzy

Suzy debuted with miss A back in 2010 after auditioning for Superstar K in 2009. From the moment of her debut, she rose to stardom as an idol, then transitioned into an actress, and is now considered one of the most multi-talented female celebrity in the industry!

| JYP Entertainment

Suzy’s been jam packed with schedules as she’s been working on her upcoming film “Wonderland”, as well as her upcoming drama Start Up. She’s also been busy as an ambassador for the luxury brand, Dior. Her latest work with Dior can be found in ELLE Korea’s upcoming August magazine releasing on July 20.

Source: Herald Pop