Suzy Makes a Large Donation to Children with Incurable Diseases on Her Birthday

Suzy has a very big heart.

On Suzy‘s birthday, she decided to celebrate her big day by making a meaningful donation to children with incurable diseases.

A donation organization called LISA recently announced that Suzy donated 100 million won (~$84,000 USD) for her 26th birthday.

The organization also shared that they would be using the donation toward treatments for children with leukemia and childhood cancer.

According to LISA, Suzy came to find out about their organization through her mother. It’s been reported that she started making donations since 2016, and has donated around 400 million won (~$335,000 USD) in total.

Following the heartwarming news, fans are responding favorably with comments such as “Suzy makes a lot of donations“, “That’s not easy to do… So impressive“, and “She has such a big heart“.

Suzy indeed has a very big heart.

Source: Dispatch