Suzy Dyed Her Hair Red For The First Time Ever And People Are Going Nuts Over Her Beauty

She dyed her hair a beautiful shade of red!

Suzy appeared for a promotional event for Lancôme today as she is one of their endorsement models.

suzy red hair 3

She strutted down the walkway wearing a suit blazer dress paired with gold stilettos and classic gold accessories.

suzy red hair 5

But what took everyone by surprise was her new hair color! She posed beautifully for the press while debuting her new look!

suzy red hair 4

Her signature long and natural hairstyle was the same but her locks were now a beautiful shade of red close to auburn!

suzy red hair 2


She looked as beautiful as ever as she had the cutest pose while debuting her new look!

suzy red hair 1

Needless to say, netizens and fans went crazy over her new look as they claimed she was fit for the role of Ariel and even a national treasure!

suzy red hair netizens

All hail Queen Suzy and her new stunning hair color!

suzy red hair 6

Source: Nate Pann
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