Suzy Dyed Her Hair Red For The First Time Ever And People Are Going Nuts Over Her Beauty

She dyed her hair a beautiful shade of red!

Suzy appeared for a promotional event for Lancôme today as she is one of their endorsement models.


She strutted down the walkway wearing a suit blazer dress paired with gold stilettos and classic gold accessories.


But what took everyone by surprise was her new hair color! She posed beautifully for the press while debuting her new look!


Her signature long and natural hairstyle was the same but her locks were now a beautiful shade of red close to auburn!


She looked as beautiful as ever as she had the cutest pose while debuting her new look!


Needless to say, netizens and fans went crazy over her new look as they claimed she was fit for the role of Ariel and even a national treasure!


All hail Queen Suzy and her new stunning hair color!

Source: Nate Pann