Suzy’s Latest Photos Are Total Girlfriend Vibes And The Answer To All Of Our Fantasies

Warning: These photos will cause heart attacks.

Suzy was recently spotted jetting off to Paris for another one of her hectic schedules abroad.

suzy girlfriend photos 6

She updated her fans with a number of shots taken from the plane right before she took off.

But no one was prepared by these “girlfriend photos” (photos taken in an angle where it looks you’re taking a photo of your girlfriend)!

suzy girlfriend photos 3

She casually leaned against her chair and it felt as if you were sitting right next to her, ready to jet off on another couple adventure with beautiful Suzy!

suzy girlfriend photos 2

suzy girlfriend photos 5

What better way to start a couple’s trip with this shy adorable smile?!

suzy girlfriend photos 4

Suzy proves once again that she’s the nation’s – nay, the world’s! – first love!

suzy girlfriend photos 9

. . .