Suzy Gives Her Honest Opinion About Living With Her Legendary Visuals

No one else can relate to her life.

Suzy recently held an interview with Lee Seung Gi for their upcoming new drama, Vagabond. There she answered a question about her visuals that everyone was dying to know!


The host asked her what it feels like to live with such legendary visuals like herself. Suzy burst out laughing as she hesitated about her answer.


She then answered honestly, “It’s nice. It’s mega, mega nice.” When the host agreed, she shyly added, “It’s a good life to live.”


No one can blame her for her answer because what life wouldn’t be great if you could look like Bae Suzy?!


Just living your best life as the queen of visuals!


Don’t worry, Suzy, because no one can ever disagree with your answer!

Source: Osen