Suzy loses lawsuit against online shopping mall

After filing a lawsuit against an online shopping mall for invasion of publicity rights, miss A’s Suzy has lost the lawsuit against them.

Suzy had previously filed a lawsuit against an internet shopping mall that advertised hats as “Suzy Hats,” and using her name and image without permission. Suzy’s representatives also claimed such advertising went against her publicity rights.

On February 15th, a JYP Entertainment representative disclosed they were disappointed with the results of the lawsuit, and will be deciding whether or not an appeal on the case will be taking place after consulting with their attorney. Suzy’s party also stated, “The results of the lawsuit are a shame.” 

However, Seoul Central District Court judge Lee Min Soo did not approve or acknowledge the right to publicity on Suzy’s part, and dismissed any compensation for damage. The court judge also stated, “The rights to commercially use your name and image is naturally included within the rights to your name and image. There’s no need to acknowledge an additional right to publicity.”

Source: Xports News