Suzy reveals why acting brings her both happiness and pain

miss A‘s Suzy recently opened up on her heart-warming and awakening path to finding happiness.

Suzy recently revealed in an interview that she constantly tries to achieve happiness in her everyday life. Suzy shared that she had regrets about not being able to fully enjoy her life as she has been far too focused on her acting and music career, which undoubtedly has taken up a large portion of her life as both a child and already an adult.

I’ve only worked hard toward my goals without easing up on myself

— Bae Suzy

However, she also admitted that she does indeed recognize the need to experience happiness as she stated, “I realized it’s more important to find small moments of happiness in life.” To end her confession, she also said that acting has never gotten easy and that after she finished her projects, she goes through a short-term growing pain.

Suzy has transformed from being a fresh-faced idol to being an established and mature woman.

Being a singer-turned-actress is an undeniably difficult task given the hectic and packed schedules that Korean celebrities face. However, it definitely appears that Suzy is learning to balance both her career and having true happiness in her life, which is what is most important.

Source: InStyle