Suzy Shows Sheer Professionalism As An Actress With Her Decision To Act In “Ashfall”

She’s a true artist!

Former Miss A member Suzy is a true actress!

For the release of her new film, Ashfall, Suzy attended the press conference at the Yongsan CGV I-Park in Seoul along with the other actors.


The film is of the action genre, and details the story of a volcanic eruption on Mount Baekdu, along with the subsequent mayhem that followed over possibilities of a final eruption that could wipe out the entirety of North and South Korea. The narration of the film centers mostly around a team of people who get together to stop the disaster from happening.

In the film, Suzy plays the role of Ji Young, Ha Sung Woo‘s onscreen pregnant wife. As a minor role, she doesn’t appear much on screen, and so, was asked about her feelings on her relatively less screen time.


On her role in the film, Suzy first begins by describing how much she loved the script reading process, and how that was her inspiration to contribute to the film, however small her role was.


I had a lot of fun while reading the scenario, so I really wanted to take part in the film.



She then opened up about her decision regarding her role as Ji Young, and talked about the endearing qualities of her on-screen character’s husband, In Chang (Ha Sung Woo’s character).


Ji Young’s screen time may be short, but I don’t particularly focus on the screentime when selecting a project. There’s always a different charm in doing genres I’ve never done before.

Also, In Chang’s playful appearance was very charming.



Ashfall hit Korean theaters on December 19.

Watch the trailer here!