Suzy speaks up about the truth behind reports of her recent break up

Korean media reported earlier today that Lee Min Ho and Suzy had broken up. After confirmation with the couple, however, the reports have been proven false.

A statement by JYP Entertainment said, “We checked with Suzy and she said they are still dating and have no troubles.”

Netizens and fans who were surprised by the news of their break-up could not hide their anger towards the false reports.

[+ 944, – 30] Make reporters add their pictures when writing news so they’ll stop writing BS ㅠㅠ

[+641, – 33] Trash reporters just stay silent alright?

[+ 549, – 43] They wanted to keep things quiet but they were reported on and now that they’re happily in a relationship people bother them saying they broke up..fighting Suzy♡Lee Min Ho

[+ 845, – 61] These trash reporters need to leave em alone

[+ 662, – 78] I don’t think they’ll break up too easily even if it’s just because of articles like this. Why do people care so much about other people’s dating lives anyway~~

[+ 164, – 17] You guys are rattling them…reporters…

[+ 153, – 17] Well they need to rattle them to make money

Source: OSEN