Suzy Steals The Spotlight At The “2023 Baeksang Arts Awards” With Her Elegant Doll-Like Beauty

Her dress suited her perfectly!

The 2023 Baeksang Arts Awards was a glamorous night to remember with the biggest names in Korean entertainment all gathered in one area. Singer-actress Suzy in particular attracted a lot of attention when she stepped onto the red carpet. Her unreal, doll-like beauty was simply too eye-catching!


The Start-Up lead donned an elegant black strapless gown and silver-toned jewelry.

She had her long, luscious hair tied into a bun with her bangs gently framing her face.

With her flawless skin, large doe eyes, and delicate features, she truly looked like a doll come to life!

She looked amazing even in unedited journalist photos from the event, which she hosted alongside Shin Dong Yup and actor Park Bo Gum.

Clearly, her hair, makeup, and outfit were all perfection, so it’s no wonder fans were left awed by her striking beauty.

Many of them left adoring comments for her online, calling her beauty “out of this world,” saying she was “slaying once again,” and recognizing her as a “queen.”

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