[★TRENDING] Suzy’s Contract With JYP Is Expiring Soon

JYP Entertainment‘s 7-year contract with Suzy is ending on March 31 and renewal talks are still underway between both parties.

Through a document made available in 2013, insiders have deduced that Suzy’s contract started on March 1, 2010, and will be ending in March 31, 2017. The document became available when JYP Entertainment became a public company in March 2010.

Suzy is currently still under talks with JYP regarding a new contract, but insiders suspect she will renew with JYP. Suzy’s chances of resuming with JYP Entertainment are very high because of her great chemistry throughout the seven years with the company.

A JYP Entertainment spokesperson said this regarding the news:

“This coming Spring, Suzy’s contract will be expiring. The company is under very comfortable and friendly talks with Suzy regarding her contract renewal. At this time, it is hard to say anything concrete regarding the matter.”

Suzy is a critically acclaimed actress and singer that has taken part in countless hits since her debut in July 2010. Her debut with Miss A and their subsequent successful releases, her acting roles, and even commercially successful endorsement deals – Suzy is a highly coveted celebrity. Even her recently released solo album debut: “Yes? No?” charted on the number one spot as soon as it was released.

With an extremely triumphant run with JYP the past seven years, Suzy will most likely renew with JYP Entertainment.

Source: Star News Kookje News