Suzy’s “Dorihwaga” film comeback makes a slow start at the box office

Already criticised for her awkward acting, Suzy’s second film Dorihwaga failed to hit the box office records immediately after its release. 

OSEN highlighted this issue in a reported posted on November 30th. It revealed that Dorihwaga, a film that featured Suzy’s comeback following the success of Architecture 101, did not receive much attention as expected.

Criticisms did not only focus on Suzy’s portrayal of a satori artist, along with previous reports of her not being prepared to promote the film, but also towards the possible reasons in the editing and production point of view. It was mentioned that the editing process of the film was not up to par with the flow of its narrative not smooth as it should be.

Furthermore, it was assumed that with November being an off-season for film releases, a box-office hit around this time is assessed with difficult.

At the time of its writing, the film managed to hit more than 220,000 audiences and is expected to hit their 400,000 mark possibly by the end of this week.

Source: OSEN