Suzy’s K-Drama “Anna” Receives Backlash From Chinese Netizens

“Have you all been watching Suzy’s new drama Anna?…”

Suzy‘s new drama Anna which streams exclusively on Coupang Play, is facing backlash from Chinese netizens. Anna is a psychological thriller about Yumi (Suzy’s character), who loses a part of her due to a lie. The drama stars Suzy, as well as actors Jung Eun Chae and Kim Jun Han.

Poster for Anna | Coupang Play

In the second episode, Suzy’s character goes to a second-hand designer shop to sell a watch she received as a present.

Scene where Suzy’s character tries to sell watch | Coupang Play
| Coupang Play

In the episode, an employee at the shop tells Suzy that the watch wasn’t very valuable and that it had made the news for being fraudulent.

Didn’t you know? This watch was made in China, but they labeled it ‘Swiss Made’ because they had one nail in the watch that was from Switzerland. They then charged ₩8.00 million KRW (about $6,150 USD) for it when it cost them only ₩100,000 KRW (about $76.80 USD) to make.

— Shop employee (Second Episode of Anna)

Chinese netizens took exception to the scene and shared it on Weibo.

Weibo post | Weibo

Have you all been watching Suzy’s new drama Anna? Many parts of the drama are controversial. There’s a scene where the female lead was gifted a counterfeit watch. When Anna went to sell the watch, the store worker said, ‘Don’t you know this brand isn’t good?’ They said the watch was made in China and then shipped to Switzerland for branding (basically implying that we’re a place that makes counterfeit products).

— Netizen

Chinese netizens expressed their anger with the scene stating that the drama implied that products made in China were bad.

  • “Koreans’ magnanimity is as little as their country size.”
  • “Korean dramas are getting unbearable to watch. They don’t have a market in China anymore, so they can say bad things about the country. It’s so stupid.”

There were other netizens that expressed their disappointment with Suzy saying that “Although a writer wrote the script, she still chose the role after reading it,” while there were other netizens that defended Suzy stating, “Why are you angry with Suzy? She is playing a role.”

Suzy (left) and Kim Jun Han (right) | Coupang Play

Neither the producers of Anna or Suzy have responded to the criticisms as of yet. Anna airs on Coupang Play at 8 pm on Fridays.

Poster of Anna | Coupang Play
Source: Money Today and Wikitree