Suzy’s Made Her First Public Appearance Since Her Breakup And No One Can Handle It

Suzy rocked the launching party AND her airport press photo session!

Suzy made appearance at the Lancôme cosmetic brand’s launching party and wowed her fans, looking absolutely flawless.


Suzy showed up, looking like an angel in her silky floral dress, to promote her “MAKE UP IS MY POWER” Global Campaign, at the grand opening of a Lancôme shop in a department store.


This being her first public occasion since her break-up with actor Lee Dong Wook, fans were excited to see that Suzy is still the super confident girl whose beauty is simply breathtaking.


She then headed to Incheon Airport to make her way to Taipei, Taiwan. In a much more casual outfit, Suzy rocked her airport photo session!


Suzy’s fans love what an amazing woman Suzy has become, unshaken by the hate she got post break-up.

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Watch Suzy do her thing at the launching party, beautiful as ever: