Play-By-Play Moments From Lee Seung Gi And Lee Da In’s Wedding That Have Us Swooning

It’s the singing on one knee for me!

After two years of dating, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In held their wedding on April 7 at a luxury hotel, where family, friends, and celebrity guests celebrated them.

| @cuteleebee/Instagram

Although guests were asked not to post any photos or videos from the wedding on social media, footage from the wedding was published and circulated online.

Among them, there were photos and videos that made our hearts flutter.

First, there was a photo of a nervous-looking Lee Seung Gi before he walked up the aisle.

Then in a video, Lee Seung Gi can be seen confidently walking into a hall with more than 700 people, and then Lee Da In enters arm-in-arm with her father.

The two then promise to love one another by saying their vows.

They also bow to one another in respect, and Lee Seung Gi cannot seem to contain his smile.

They exchange rings, and this video shows Lee Da In putting the ring on Lee Seung Gi—who once again is grinning ear to ear.

The newlywed then walks down the aisle while waving to guests—and a netizen pointed out that Lee Seung Gi never lets go of his wife’s hand.

The two were photographed cutting their cake with the biggest smiles.

The way he looks at her makes us swoon.

The sweetest moment, however, was when Lee Seung Gi sang one of his songs to her: “Will You Marry Me.” This song, released in 2009, was very popular—especially as a song sung at weddings.

Lee Seung Gi sang this for his wife while on one knee, making everyone cry tears of joy.

The couple then took pictures with the guests, even while kissing in front of their friends and family.

The beautiful venue, the supportive guests, Lee Seung Gi’s singing and never-ending smile, and the bride’s beauty make it look like we are watching a fairy tale coming to life. The two are very happy and in love, as seen through these videos, and we wish them the best.

Source: @cuteleebee