Sweet Sorrow’s In Ho Jin and his manager catch hit-and-run criminal after car chase

Singer and Sweet Sorrow member In Ho Jin and his manager are being highly praised after apprehending a hit-and-run culprit who had hit a 55-year old couple. 

On February 19th at 12:37AM KST, a driver by the name of Kwon was involved in a hit-and-run car accident after hitting the 55-year old couple with his car, a Pride. According to reports, a Carnival across the street had witness the crime, and quickly made a u-turn to chase down the culprit, who had left the scene of the crime driving at approximately 50km/h.

The car who had turned around to chase down Kwon held Sweet Sorrow member In Ho Jin and three officials from his agency with his manager Kim Sung Hyun at the helm. Approximately 700 meters away from the area of the accident, Kwon was apprehended by the manager, who had driven the car in front of the Pride that was currently stuck at a red light. Opening the door of the culprit’s car, the driver was dragged out by the manager while singer In Ho Jin called the police.

All those who were present were reported to have complied with the police as witnesses well until 2AM. According to reports, driver Kwon had a 0.166% blood alcohol level, a level in which you would certainly have your license forfeited. The driver further was quoted saying, “I thought I hit a garbage bag and I did not intentionally commit a hit-and-run.”

In Ho Jin, his manager, and the agency officials had completed their shooting for MBC’s I Am A Singer 3, and has been on their way to complete a recording session for a film’s OST album.

Source: Yeonhap News