Swings releases latest single “Be Right Back” prior to enlistment

Rapper Swings treats fans with a new single as he sings “Be Right Back” prior to his upcoming military enlistment on November 25th. 

The track “Be Right Back” was released on November 21st as the rapper tries to relay a sentimental message through his new song. Swings further thanks his fans for the support he has received and promised a comeback after his service in the military. Fellow artists Genius Nochang and Giriboy also took part in the production of this song.

Despite his eligible exemption from the 2 year mandatory military service, Swings gained a lot of attention for his decision to apply for KATUSA. Although he wasn’t able to enter KATUSA, he announced through his official Facebook that he will still serve his country proudly as an active duty soldier.

Prior to his enlistment, Swings will have one last concert at Yes24 MUV Hall in Seoul on November 23th and will publish his first book Power on the day of his enlistment on November 25th.


Source: bnt News