Netizens Attack Rapper Swings For Defending Controversial Rapper

“Acting like he’s all logical…”

Netizens have been attacking Swings for a comment he made about the controversial rapper, Young B.

Swings recently shared a post on his Instagram promoting Young B, a rapper managed under Swings’ label, for his new album.


Young B, who gained popularity from the program High School Rapper, was put in the spotlight when rumors claiming that he was a bully in school began to spread.


One netizen claimed that he was the worst bully in his neighborhood and was reported numerous times for school violence. Numerous other netizens claimed that they were victims of the rapper.

At the time, Young B confessed that there was a time when he was rebellious and explained that he has tried to reach out to the victims.

There was a time when I “broke away” during middle school. I felt bad about the victims so I tried to find them but the didn’t meet me.

ㅡ Young B


In the comments section, one netizen stated that they will not listen to the music of a school violence offender even if he promotes him.

“Hyung, no matter how much you promote him I won’t listen to the music of a school violence offender. Sorry.”


In response to this comment, Swings gave a long explanation, expressing his thoughts about the comment.

“First of all, that’s your choice. No one will say anything to you about that point.
Secondly, what we know and what we think we know do not always correspond. It’s dangerous to have confidence in something that we only heard about when we didn’t even see it. It’s unfair. For you and for others.
Thirdly, you say you don’t like the music of a school violence offender yet you embody the idea of gangsters, gamblers and b***ch in your Instagram ID. Is it more real if you don’t beat people up in school but beat them up as an adult instead? Hm?
And finally, please acknowledge that people have the potential to change. If everyone is like you and think, ‘Since you were an a**hole once, you’ll always be an a**hole,’ life will eventually become hell. Do you think you won’t be a part of it? Let’s all just chill, listen to some good music and develop ourselves!”


After reading his comment, netizens have been attacking him for defending the controversial rapper and calling him “illogical”.

  • “What’s the use if the perpetrator reflects upon himself. The victim needs to forgive him to matter.”
  • “I’m stupid to have thought Swings was not bad. What kind of logic is that, seriously.”
  • “His diet must’ve burned off the fat in his brain too because it’s clearly empty.”
  • “The way he’s trying to teach thinking he’s right, it’s so annoying.”
  • “So what if people change, that doesn’t change their past.”
  • “Acting like he’s all logical…”
Source: SBS Fune and Pann Nate