Synopsis of points from second episode of Lee Jung Hee’s documentary

Read Koreaboo‘s synopsis of We Want To Know The Truth‘s second episode in the Lee Jung Hee’s documentary series.

Last week, We Want To Know The Truth aired the first episode following Lee Jung Hee’s infamous rape case. The episode suggested that Lee Jung Hee was lying, being manipulated by a Korean shaman known as Kim. The second episode has now aired, which seems to put an end to Lee Jung Hee’s case for good.

Koreaboo has made a synopsis of points from the second episode of We Want To Know The Truth:

– Lee Jung Hee started to suspect that her ex-husband (Mr. Huh) was cheating on her after getting close to Shaman Kim.

– Shaman Kim convinced Lee Jung Hee to sell her properties worth a total of nearly $4.5 million USD.

– All of the properties are currently under Shaman Kim’s name.

– In Lee Jung Hee’s notes, there are mentions of what information the sons should say and what she should say.

– All of the individuals that Lee Jung Hee sued for rape were financially related to Shaman Kim.

– Shaman Kim was featured on a program years before, which highlighted her history as a known scammer.

– Victims of Shaman Kim gathered to tell their stories.

– Lee Jung Hee’s family decides to sue her for child abuse, claiming she forced her sons to false testify with sexual content.

– Texts between Shaman Kim and Lee Jung Hee revealed that Shaman Kim was telling Lee Jung Hee what to do.

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Former neighbor of Lee Jung Hee: 

“Shaman Kim would ask for you for as much money as you possessed. Whether it be 100 thousand dollars or 500 thousand dollars.”

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All of the individuals sued by Lee Jung Hee did not know who Lee Jung Hee was but knew who Shaman Kim was.

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Mr. Huh released a recorded voice call from Lee Jung Hee claiming that “someone” told her everything.

Lee Jung Hee started to suspect her former husband (Mr. Huh) of cheating ever since she got close to Shaman Kim.


Lee Jung Hee: “You don’t think I know? I heard everything about you”

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Mr. Huh: “She kept claiming that I would feed her pills and I would leave the house to have sexual relations with other women”

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“She would lock all of our doors with locks and she would sleep with the keys next to her”

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Last episode, Mr. Huh admitted that he, too, was following Shaman Kim’s orders early on before deciding that she was a scam artist.

Shaman Kim told the couple to sell their houses because their family was after their money.

She also told Mr. Huh not to be present during the deals because it would ruin his reputation as a pastor.

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Shaman Kim then went around with Lee Jung Hee to various real estate offices to sell their properties.

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Since the properties were under Lee Jung Hee’s former husband Mr. Huh’s name, many real estate agents wanted to meet Mr. Huh in person or talk to him on the phone.


Real Estate Agent: “I told her (Lee Jung Hee) that her husband had to come. But she kept insisting that he was busy. Whatever he was doing”

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Lee Jung Hee then transferred all of Mr. Huh’s properties under her name in order to sell the properties.

Despite hundreds of thousands of dollars the couple had to pay in taxes, she continued to change the name to her own name.

Then Lee Jung Hee went on to sell the properties including two houses and estates.

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But money was sent to Shaman Kim’s bank account despite the fact that it was Lee Jung Hee and Mr. Huh’s property.


Real Estate Agent: “Lee Jung Hee insisted that I send the money to Ms. Kim (Shaman Kim)”

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All of the properties are currently under Shaman Kim’s name including the two houses and land.

In the first episode, Mr. Huh speculated that Lee Jung Hee probably lost or gave all of her money to shaman Kim blindly.

It was revealed that all of the properties were under Shaman Kim’s possession.

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Through research, the producers of We Want To Know The Truth found that Shaman Kim was actually featured on another program trying to find the truth of her victims.


KBS In Depth 60 Minutes: We have researched in depth a shaman who has used God as an excuse to put many victims in trouble.”

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It was revealed that Shaman Kim was guilty of similar acts in the past. She manipulated many others who believed in her by taking their money in various ways.

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Victim of shaman Kim: “She claimed that if I didn’t purchase the stamps, I would die. She kept claiming that I would die starting next year if I didn’t purchase them.”

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Past victims of Shaman Kim agreed to have a interview with the producers of We Want To Know The Truth.


Shaman Kim’s former follower: “I spent around five hundred to six hundred thousand dollars. There are many other victims as well.”

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The victims claimed that Shaman Kim would refer to her God as “grandfather” to give them orders. The followers of Shaman Kim all believed in the existence of their God who is referred to as “grandfather” in Korean. Shaman Kim would give them instructions on what to do by claiming that the instructions are the grandfather’s ways. One closed down his successful business because Shaman Kim told them that the grandfather had other intentions for him. Then, she asked for large sums of money in order to “bless” the victim’s family.


Former follower of shaman Kim: “[I closed down my business] because she claimed that the grandfather had bigger plans to provide me a bigger business.”

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Then after he gave all of his earnings to Shaman Kim for the blessings of his family, she made a outrageous request to the victim.


Former follower of shaman Kim:  “[After I ran out of money] she told me not to send my daughter to school. She told me to get her out of school and get her to work at night bars.”

Shaman Kim explained that by experiencing the dirty night life, the family would ultimately reach success and the light.

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In Lee Jung Hee and her younger son’s notes, the producers found odd and suspicious remarks.

There were specific plans and roles regarding their testimony of alleged rape.

Translation: “(Younger son) has to say this part”

There were specific instructions and divided roles in which the testimonies were planned out.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.53.34 PM

This is the younger son’s notebook revealed by We Want To Know The Truth.

On the first episode, Lee Jung Hee and her sons were found acting suspiciously, asking each other whether they were convincing or not when they thought the cameras and microphones were off. Here is the note he wrote to his mother after finding that the microphone was still on

Translation: “What do we do about the microphone? Did I say something odd to you mom?”

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.53.51 PM

Here is another note mentioning the grandmother speculated to be shaman Kim.

During his earlier years, it was revealed that the younger son actually lived with Shaman Kim for years.

Translation: “Was I really good? Is Grandmother happy?”

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After witnessing the actions of the younger son who is speculated to have a more serious psychological problem than the older son, the psychologist makes a comment explaining his actions.


Psychologist: “It feels that the younger son is thinking that he is ‘playing a game that he must win.'”

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“But he does not know the severity of his lies or what type of consequences his actions may result in.”

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Lee Jung Hee’s sister learned intimately about the family’s situation, broke and living in a one-room apartment with her two sons. They always thought Lee Jung Hee was well-off because she and Mr. Huh owned multiple properties and land. After the producers of the show informed Lee Jung Hee’s sister of the situation, her family decides to take action.

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They decided that it was best that Lee Jung Hee and both of her sons receive treatment at a mental hospital. In order to do so, the family filed a lawsuit for child abuse against Lee Jung Hee for using her two sons to falsely testify with explicit sexual content.

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So on July 17th, many experts gathered to discuss the issue.

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They decided that it would be best for both Lee Jung Hee and her two sons to separate and receive proper treatment.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.57.01 PM

The producers met with Lee Jung Hee and her two sons in order to persuade them to receive proper treatments.

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After separating Lee Jung Hee from her two sons, the producers and the police officers told Lee Jung Hee that she is currently being sued for child abuse.

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After hearing such news, Lee Jung Hee runs out of the car to tell her children something.


Lee Jung Hee: “Hey Junsu (fake name) Junho! (fake name) Number 7!”

She continued to scream “Number 7!” to her sons; the producers speculated that it was a code for something.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.02.43 PM

After hearing their mother scream out “Number 7!” the sons started to look at each other and asked for a woman’s number.


Younger son:  “Do you know her number? I don’t know her number, do you know?”

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.02.54 PM

After speculating that the sons were asking for Shaman Kim’s number, the producers told the sons to stop asking their mother for her number.


Producer: “Don’t ask your mother to give you guys the number.”

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After a long time of convincing, Lee Jung Hee finally agreed to being admitted in the hospital alongside her two sons.

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Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.03.44 PM

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The day before the airing of the first episode of the documentary, Lee Jung Hee visited the station again.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.04.42 PM

She insisted that the airing of the episode to be stopped. Confused, the producers of the documentary asked why she would want the episode not to be aired when she was the one who initially wanted exposure of the case in the first place. Lee Jung Hee kept insisting that the episode was targeting Shaman Kim who has nothing to do with this case.

Even when she was leaving, she begged the producer at the door to leave Shaman Kim out of the episode.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.01.50 PM

The next day, Shaman Kim herself visited the station as well.

She first insisted that the camera not shoot her face “because the younger sons will be shocked to see [her] and that they will be uncomfortable.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 6.01.35 PM

Shaman Kim tried to explain that she had no involvement in this case whatsoever. She also claimed that she didn’t and still doesn’t know anything about the case but just wants what is best for Lee Jung Hee and her two sons.

She insisted that if she had anything to hide, she wouldn’t have come in to talk in the first place.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.06.15 PM

However, a series of texts revealed by the producers of We Want To Know The Truth told otherwise. During meetings with various media and the producers of We Want To Know The Truth, Shaman Kim was revealed to have continued to stay in contact with Lee Jung Hee. In various texts, it was actually revealed that Shaman Kim was telling Lee Jung Hee what to do.


Lee Jung Hee: “We are in Cheongju. I have a microphone on me so I can’t call you at the moment.”

Lee Jung Hee: “I’ll call you after everything ends.”

Shaman Kim: “He says, ‘Don’t trust anyone and confidently go through with the investigation.'”

Shaman Kim: “That is what grandfather said.”

Lee Jung Hee: “Everything ended. We are waiting to sign the last papers.”

Shaman Kim: “Don’t think about anything but saving your children. Do whatever you must.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 3.06.30 PM

The police also have found evidence on various phone calls and messages that Shaman Kim was directly instructing the younger son and Lee Jung Hee what to do.

The documentary ended with the host stating that the truth behind Shaman Kim must be revealed so there won’t be any future victims. Lee Jung Hee and her two sons are currently receiving proper treatment. Lee Jung Hee’s sister is taking care of the sons by visiting their facilities although they seem to be very hostile towards her. In the very last scene of the episode, Lee Jung Hee’s sister was seen walking out of the facility telling the producers that the sons have just started to open up and hopes that they can recover from such trauma.

Source: SBS, Youtube