T-ARA to appear on Chinese talk show “Day Day Up”

On December 6th, it was announced that T-ARA would be appearing on an upcoming episode of popular Chinese talk show Day Day Up

The show, which is hosted by popular Chinese variety show host Wang Han, started airing in August of 2008 and is known for its fun and pleasant atmosphere. The show has also been known for having a lot of popular guest stars, which has included Korean artists Super Junior M and CNBLUE, as well as popular Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.

T-ARA is scheduled to begin filming in the studio on December 7th, and their outdoor shooting is scheduled on December 11th. The episode is set to air on December 19th at 8:00PM in China.

T-ARA recently collaborated with Chinese duo Chopstick Brothers for “Little Apple“, and the song has been quite a hit so far, especially in China. In fact, the group is set to perform their first concert in Shanghai on December 27th, and is expected to expand to a tour all across China.

Will you be tuning into to watch T-ARA guest star on “Day Day Up”?

 Source: TV Report