T-ARA fansites shut down after attitude problem at Idol Athletic Championship

After showing alleged attitude to their fans, T-ARA’s fans are reported to be leaving their official fan cafe.

Girl group T-ARA has been criticized for their attitude at the shooting of the ‘Idol Athletics Championship.’

The shooting took place at Goyang Indoor Gymnasium on August 10th with thousands of fans joining idols overnight to cheer on their favorite groups. During filming, many fans of T-ARA showed disappointment on various SNS accounts about how T-ARA was displaying poor attitude and not responding to their own fans. Some stated that “T-ARA never showed their faces to their fans unlike other idols that were present. They just kept sitting with a frozen facial expression.”

Through their SNS accounts, fan members that have high rankings such as ‘master’ have announced that they will no longer continue being a member of T-ARA’s fan cafe.

Another angered fan stated on August 11th, “hundreds of fans came and managed to stay awake the whole night in the hopes of seeing their favorite group members’ faces but they didn’t even show up at the closing ceremony.”

Many other fans showed their jealousy over other groups’ fans that received better treatment from their groups.

Another has mentioned that they “didn’t expect T-ARA to come up and give food and take pictures with the fans but at least expected them to pretend as if they cared about the fans.”



@Hyomdot: “I don’t think die hard fans are idiots. REST.”

@MELODYdotcom: “~2015.08.11 Thank you for everything”

Fan: “No but what I really wanted to tell them is… Stop dancing like you don’t care ha What is the point of saying you guys know your mistakes by crying on television and stuff if fans can’t feel you guys have changed on stage or programs hahahahahaha”

[ +3,685 / -40] Aren’t T-ara supposed to grab what’s left of their fans? hahahaahahaha If fans are to turn around and leave, it means that they went to extreme measures.

[ +3,501 / -36] If fans become anti-fans, it becomes really scary.

[ 2,983 / -38] This group is unrecoverable haha

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