T-ARA’s Hyomin Confesses The Truth To The Rumors About Chinese Sponsors And Rich Boyfriends

They claimed she received supercars from rich boyfriends and sponsors.

T-ARA‘s Hyomin appeared on Radio Star where she officially addressed the rumors regarding Chinese sponsors and rich boyfriends who supposedly bought her supercars.


She first opened up about the rumor that T-ARA received a $7.5 million USD contract and supercars from Chinese heir and multi-billionaire, Wang Sicong. She firmly denied it but comically confessed that she wished it were true.

Recently, there was a rumor that we received 9 billion won(~$7.5 million USD) from a Chinese company and Wang Sicong. It also claimed each of the members got a supercar from him.

We first briefly wondered why this rumor came to be but then… wished it could be true.

— Hyomin


She even revealed that she looked into the rumors to see if it really did happen in the industry, but found that it was all groundless rumors!

We wondering if this could be true so we started searching into the rumors to see if this happened to someone else before. But he told us that it’s not true at all.

— Hyomin


She did clarify that the T-ARA members visited Wang Sicong’s entertainment company to talk about a possible partnership. However, nothing about a contract or super-rich gifts were true.

Wang Sicong didn’t have an entertainment company before but he wanted to manage us so he set up a company. So it’s true that we went to visit his company but the contract fee and other gifts aren’t true.

— Hyomin


The second rumor she addressed was about having a rich boyfriend who bought her a Lamborghini! Hyomin was seen driving around a yellow Lambo for months and she clarified that it was for a promotional endorsement and not a rich boyfriend!

I used to publically drive around a yellow supercar. But in truth, a friend of my cousin is the same age as me, and he worked for that company. They were looking for celebrities to help promote the car since they were venturing into the Korean market.

I signed a specific contract to drive it around for 6 months. But rumors claimed that I got it from a boyfriend.

— Hyomin


She was able to drive the car for a total of 8 months but now drives her own car as she had to give the car back after their contract was over!


Hopefully, Hyomin will no longer be tied down by these absurd rumors and be recognized that this Queen earned everything that she has through her own hard work!

Source: Chosun