T-ara’s Jiyeon Revealed Her Concerns About The Groups Reunion In Her “1st Look” Interview

She had a lot of thoughts before the reunion.

In a recent pictorial issue of 1st Look Magazine, T-ara member Jiyeon revealed her feelings towards the group’s recent reunion.

T-ara recently got together again for a special performance back in October and Jiyeon had a few comments about it: “Honestly, I wondered ‘will this even work?’

Ever since their previous company announced that the group left the company, several members have gone one to do their own thing. For example, Jiyeon has pursued a career as a soloist and has dived more into acting. She mentioned that she was worried about how they would ger ready for such a special performance:

In the past, members planned and prepared many performances and concerts, fan meetings, and more, but, it wasn’t easy. Now, since everyone is working separately, there were several difficult parts in the process of coordination. 

— Jiyeon

Though she had doubts about the reunion performance, Jiyeon shared how it all felt natural and emotional as they performed their hit songs “SEXY LOVE” and “Roly-Poly.”

When I first went to the practice room, I didn’t believe it. My body moved naturally as soon as the song started, which was really amazing, it was like we got together and practiced yesterday. Then the day I stood on the stage, my emotions seemed to have completely exploded. I was happy but I felt a strange feeling that I felt like tears would fall.

— Jiyeon

| 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube

Speaking on working separately, Jiyeon discussed her latest career move of starring in the upcoming drama Imitation: 

I remember being surprised as soon as I saw the script because the world of idols in the drama is realistically depicted. There were also many scenes that I resonated with, so I  believe I will be able to express it well. The fact that she was an ordinary admired woman in her twenties and felt lonely outside the camera even though she looked like a person who had nothing to be saddened with also moved me.

— Jiyeon

Jiyeon’s upcoming drama is reported to come out at the beginning of 2021. Also, make sure to check out her full pictorial and interview that will be issued in 1st Look No. 209.

Source: Naver and YouTube