T-ara’s Jiyeon Updates Us On Her Latest Ventures In Interview With MAG&JINA

Find out what this K-Pop royalty has been up to recently.

In her latest interview with the celebrity  magazine MAG&JINA, T-Ara‘s Jiyeon updates us on what’s going on in her life recently.

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She began by telling us why her YouTube channel is called Jing TV. It’s because when you repeatedly type her name (지연) fast, you end up with 징 (Jing) on the screen.

지연 = →ㅕ→ㄴ

“You often get 징징징 (Jing Jing Jing) when you type my name fast, and I liked how it was becoming a meme, so I adopted it as the channel name.” | 맥앤지나 매거진 [MAG&JINA]/YouTube
She also recently received the Silver Button for hitting 100,000 subscribers. She profusely thanked her fans for all their support, and said she has a lot of fun showing off different aspects of her life on YouTube.

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Her parents love to see her daughter shine on Youtube, showing off her natural, non-TV self. They must be so proud of her daughter, and so happy that the fans have her back.

“My parents loved seeing me acting natural on camera.” | 맥앤지나 매거진 [MAG&JINA]/YouTube
The fans on the other hand, can’t get enough of her dancing and choreography videos. Jiyeon has over a decade’s worth of experience on stage, and she is absolutely mesmerizing when she dances.

She’s also received numerous requests for cover dance videos, so we can definitely expect that from her channel in the future!

“The choreography videos are the most popular” | 맥앤지나 매거진 [MAG&JINA]/YouTube
Being in a quiet and dark space calms her down apparently, and when she is feeling down, she lets everything go and waits out the storm.

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She’s recently taken up carpentry and scooter riding as hobbies but loves nothing more than just…staying at home and playing games on her phone.

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It’s been 11 years since she debuted as a member of T-ara, and that fact left her speechless. She revealed that T-ara still hang out together, and when that happens, she returns to being the maknae of the group. Nothing has changed since the early days.

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She revealed that she wants to maintain her current steady pace for the foreseeable future, and try not to do too much. As a singer, actress and now a YouTuber, she’s already got a lot on her plate…so it’s probably for the best.

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To conclude the interview, she dropped hints that she will soon return to perform on stage. When asked if she will release an album, she slyly replied “It’s a secret.”

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

We hope to see her make a comeback soon!

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