T-ARA’s Soyeon Reveals The Members Weren’t Close When They First Debuted

They’ve changed so much.

Soyeon of T-ARA was a guest star on Radio Star‘s latest episode where she opened up honestly about how the members weren’t close to each other when they first debuted.

T-ARA had a unique debut compared to other idols. Back in 2009, they debuted on Radio Star instead of a music show. But during the filming, Soyeon revealed that the members were still awkward with each other because it’s only been 2 weeks since they first gathered together!

She confessed that they didn’t know each other very well at all and weren’t close yet.

T-ARA didn’t debut through a music show. We debuted through Radio Star. It had only been about 2 weeks since the members even got together.

In just 2 weeks, we had basically only introduced each others’ names. I remember each of the members showing off their talent, and I hadn’t ever seen it before either.

— Soyeon

But their awkwardness only lasted a while longer as the girls spent each and everyday practicing and promoting together under the name “T-ARA”.

They soon rose to fame with mega-hits like “Lovey Dovey”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, “Roly Poly” and more!

They spent 10 years stuck by each others side that made them closer than sisters. After T-ARA’s promotions ended, Soyeon finally took time in a decade to enjoy herself by relaxing and traveling.

During our 10 years, we barely got a day to rest.

We always had a jam-packed schedule, so after our group promotions ended, my mom told me to just rest. I took a year off to just travel mostly.

— Soyeon

Although the beginning started off on an awkward note, T-ARA became one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop history!

Check out the full segment below:

Source: MK Sports